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Fathers Day Gift Idea Fathers Day Special Golf Gift

Your Photos Made Into An Amazing Father’s Day Gift
Build a Set of Five Custom Golf Ball Markers for Dad or Grandpa

"Create a Father's Day golf gift that will make dad say - WOW!"

Fathers Day Golf Gift for Dads

Once again you find yourself searching for that perfect Father’s Day golf gift. Those golf balls you bought last year were not the ones Dad actually uses. And Grandpa never did wear that nice golf hat you bought. Your impossible search for the perfect golf gift continues for another year. But this year things will be different. Instead of looking for that perfect gift, with the help of, you decide to make it yourself.

You gather together five of the best family photos of the kids, new baby, pets or celebrations from the past year and have them made into a custom set of golf ball markers for Dad or Grandpa. And, when he opens his special gift this Father’s Day he will say, “WOW!”

As Father's Day approaches, has that perfect Father's Day golf gift for Dad or Grandpa. That gift is a custom set of five photo ball markers accessorized with a magnetic hat clip, divot tool or key chain. makes creating custom golf ball markers from your photos very easy, fun and affordable.  Simply visit and click the “Special Five Photo Set” option. You are taken to the Order Screen where you upload and edit five pictures to be manufactured into your ball markers. Next, select a ball marker holder (hat clip, divot tool, or key chain) and enter your name, email and address information. Make payment of $34.95+$4.95s/h and in 5-7 days the epoxy-domed photo ball markers arrive via first class mail.

After Dad or Grandpa opens his amazing Father’s Day gift, do not be surprised if he tells you he wants this same gift next year. Many times Dad or Grandpa will request or even demand new ones for the next holiday. This sure makes creating Dad’s or Grandpa’s next holiday gift a whole lot easier.


Ken Barley of explains, “We’ve been making Photo Ball Markers for five years now and we have a whole family of users that are ordering new sets every Father’s Day. The Photo Ball Marker babies of a few years ago are now the toddlers of today and we look forward to watching them turn into the kids and young adults of tomorrow. We very much look forward to making special gifts for our Photo Ball Marker families each holiday season.”

Father’s Day is a very special day and finding that unique and affordable golf gift can be very challenging. Five special photo ball markers just might be the gift you are looking for.

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$34.95 + $4.95(s/h)

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Please order by June 13, 2015

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